Why Do We Wear Watches On The Left Hand?

Lots of our everyday thoughts and actions are based on our environment and culture.  Why do we say certain colors go together?  Why are musical notes deemed to be the frequencies that they are?  And why do we wear our watches on our left hand? Well, perhaps after reading this article, you no longer will. There are two main reasons why watches are typically on the left wrist ((continued))

You Need At Least 1 of These 3 Accessories Specifically for the Workplace

For lots of people, work is the time they most often get dressed up.  Sure, there might be the wedding or special occasion every once in awhile, but Monday through Friday is where the dressing up is most condensed. And, since you are in a work environment, it is assumed that you would want to leave a good impression, because either 1) you want to get a promotion, or 2) you wouldn't mind earning a raise. But, how do you stand out? ((continued))