Why You Need A New, Thin Wallet

Unless you have been a member of The Loaded Vault for awhile now, I am going to go out on a limb and guess that you have a pretty standard wallet that looks like this:


Maybe it is branded, maybe it is brown instead of black, or some other shade, but that is not what matters right now.  The picture above might be exaggerated, but it probably is not too far off point.

The wallet is one accessory that you pull out all the time, and it is often overlooked.

Just today I was complimented on my sleek, thin metal wallet.


Every EOS metal wallet is unique in its coloring, which is pretty cool too

It was something she had never seen before, the car wash attendant commented.  And that is not the only time this has happened.  People like being paid, so if you are about to pay them, they will look at wherever you are pulling that out from.

What sort of impression are you making?

And, if you guys are anything like the past me, I tended to store more and more junk in my wallet, and use it until it starts to fall apart.


This is almost exactly how my wallet style was, for years

That is not a good look, for a couple good reasons.

First off, having a bulky wallet means that you have a bulky pocket, which means you have one bulky side to your pants.

That is not good.

Forget that we see beauty naturally in symmetrical things, it just ruins what would otherwise be a good look.

Remember, tailoring your clothes is probably the easiest way to make you look 10x better in your wardrobe.  Tailoring means that the clothes fit around your body’s shape nicely.  With a fat wallet, this is impossible.  Not to mention that it looks like you have a butt tumor.


And you should never carry your wallet in your back pocket- it messes with your spine and is easier for pickpockets, compared to your front pocket

The pain of a thick wallet on your look is even more exaggerated if you wear slim fit clothing, since that is the current fashion look guys should strive for.

I have lived through pocketing a bulky wallet in an otherwise stylish wardrobe, and let me tell you, I got more comments asking what was in my pocket than on any other item in my wardrobe.  It would pop out so much that oftentimes I would literally have curious people invade my space and try to look into my pocket to see what it was, only to see a huge, beat up, old wallet.

And when repeatedly asked about the bulge in my pocket, I could only respond “nothing, I’m just happy to see you” so many times before I decided that enough was enough.

There are many types of thin wallets that can work wonders.

In our past subscription boxes, we have included the ultimate minimalist wallet- a money clip.  If you can pull this off by just snapping in a couple cards, your driver’s license, and a couple bills, you are all set.


Can’t get much slimmer than that

Some of us carry a bunch of other stuff in our pockets though and it can make it tough to tell what is in the wallet or not.  Which is why in another previous box of ours we did just a regular slim fit wallet, like this:

TheLoadedVaultClosedBoxModern 2017-06-19

One of the boxes whose items I still wear most frequently, actually

One of our team members from The Loaded Vault even has a phone cover that has a slot in the back for his card and driver’s license.  It is a great way to combine the two bulkiest things guys tend to carry around: your phone and wallet.

Are you guys ready to upgrade to a slim fit wallet?  If not, just be sure you check yourself out in the mirror before you head out, with pockets full, and be honest with yourself about whether your slim, cool style is interrupted by what is being carried in your pockets.

And, once you are honest with yourself about that, think about whether you are making a wow with your wallet.  It is an easy good impression to make with an accessory that many people forget about.

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