4 Items To Keep You Fresh And Sexy While On The Go

Lets be real for a second.  Guys have all sorts of things go off-plan during a regular day.  Whether it be us sweating a lot, spilling something, or just wanting to be more prepared and on our A-game, we could all stand to improve a little.

The crazy thing is that we may even leave the house looking, smelling, and feeling like a million bucks in the morning, but who knows what we will be like by lunchtime even.

This is why every guy needs a fresh on-the-go pack to take a few seconds to spruce up midday.

Today, we are passing on the holy grail to you, my friend.  Keep these in your glove compartment, your desk at work, or somewhere nearby.  It’ll insure you’re at your peak at all times.

FYI, all of these items are being given without financial compensation to us.  We recommend them because we use them and have had our lives saved a couple times by them, and want you to be just as secure in your day-to-day as you can be.

4) Listerine Pocketpaks


Most of us do not carry around portable toothbrushes and toothpaste, not only because it is inconvenient, but because it is also socially awkward if you are in a non-home setting brushing your teeth.

And yet, we know that we should brush our teeth after eating, and that the time from our morning brush until our next brushing is giving all sorts of bad breath bacteria time to grow.

Chances are that sometime around lunch or a bit after, your breath will not be as fresh as you would like it to be, whether you realize it or not.  And, especially if you have a job where you talk to people you want to be make sure that you are set.  Not handling this could be a hidden killer, silently turning people off and getting them to work against you.

Not anymore.  Grab these bad boys for a few bucks, and you will be set for awhile.  The Listerine Pocketpaks come with 24 thin strips that you just pop in your mouth, and the whole pack is so super small and portable that you might lose it in your pocket even.

3) Travel-Sized Axe Body Spray


I used to hate Axe body spray and could not believe that people ever used it.  Until I had an outside sales job that had me driving through all sorts of weather and being out and about a lot.  A boss let me in on a secret: keep a little body spray in your car and spray it on before you engage with people.

Even if you have anti-perspirant blocking up all of your sweat glands, you probably sweat in all sorts of other places that you do not take care of in the morning.  And, besides, even if your 24 hour deodorant actually lasted for 24 hours, it is nice to have a light crisp smell following you around.

And, since deodorant sticks can melt on a hot day, and cologne isn’t always feasible, a small little body spray goes a long way.  Don’t go overboard, but a light squeeze during a break in the afternoon might make you a bit more delightful to be around.

2) Portable Febreeze


This serves the same purpose as the Axe body spray, but for non-body things.  Maybe you finished at the gym and your sweat absorbed into the seat and you want to eliminate the odor.  Just Febreeze it.  Shoes smelling from sweaty feet?  Spill something?  Some unknown food piece fell somewhere and you can’t find it?  Febreeze and be at ease, my brothers.

1) Kiwi Express Shoe Shine


This was introduced to me a couple years back by another person at The Loaded Vault.  We have written before about how shoes can make or break an outfit, as well as shoe care, but those pieces of advice were more about the long-term care and effects.

What about if you are out and about and your shoes are dirty or scuffed or not quite in tip-top shape?  Chances are that you do not have the time or inclination to do a full-on polish at the drop of a hat.

I carry this around in my car trunk now, and it is amazing.  It is a little sponge that you just put over your shoes that has got a little something in it (that never needs refilling) and it makes your shoes pop and look shiny like you just got the world’s best spit shine.

If you’ve got a big meeting at work, a hot date coming up, or just want to look good in general, this takes 10 seconds and can make you look like a 10.  I use this on an almost daily basis to keep my shoes looking great between my me getting them shined and maintained.


What do you guys think?  Do you have your own fresh on-the-go pack?  Let us know what other lifesaving items you need by your side.


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