What Colors Go With Which Seasons? How To Match Colors For A Good Seasonal Style

You probably hear a lot about dressing for the season, and there is some decent reasoning to some of it.  The “no whites after Labor Day” rule is generally because that is when rain and other elements start coming around, white colored clothes will easily become dirty.

Matching your colors to the environment around you is a little bit more advanced though, so if you are new to this, you should consider making sure that you have your newbie fashion rules down first.

1) Winter Colors


winter style

When dressing for winter, you are going to be wearing more cool colors, and likely your secondary and highlight colors will contrast a bit.

Now, winter is very different for people in different parts of the country.  If you are in a snowy, messy area, you are going to want to minimize the amount of surface area you give to lighter colors.  There’s a reason most winter jackets are dark colors, after all.

2) Spring Colors

spring style

Assuming Spring where you are isn’t super rainy, Spring is where you can start to bring out the colors again.  Bright colors do particularly well during warm, clean spring months.  Bust out your blues to match the blue sky opening up, or greens and yellows to match all the plants and flowers popping up.

And, if you’re brave enough to do the pastel color thing, this is the time.  Colored shorts are super popular now, so this is the time to transition to them.

3) Summer Colors

summer style

Summer is where you want your cool colors.  Try and stay away from your blacks or dark grays or dark browns if you can- especially if it gets hot where you live.

Maximize on your whites, and your very light colors.

*Pro-tip: if you sweat a lot, white can be a dangerous shirt color during hot summer months.  Wear cotton and other breathable fabrics, and put on a white cotton undershirt to absorb any sweat before it gets to your nicer clothes.

4) Fall/Autumn Colors

autumn style

Fall is when you can slowly start incorporating your dark colors again.  Earthy colors like your browns and tans are great for this time of year.

Think of the color palette that leaves are during these months, and you will get a very good idea of how to dress.  Browns, dark reds, dark greens, yellows, and oranges always do well.  And, yes, black is back in style now, since you won’t be roasting anymore due to the temperature drops.

Are there any other colors or seasonal tips that you guys like or recommend?  Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or Instagram what you think.

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