The Lazy Man’s Ultimate Summer Style

Sometimes you just want to roll out of bed and start your day.  And not in the motivated hustling and bustling kind of way, but in the “this is the weekend, and I want to take my time” kind of way.

Don’t worry gentlemen, we’ve got you covered.  You do not have to sacrifice all of your style for when you want to be comfortable.

First, make sure you have a solid and stylish pair of sandals.  We are not talking about locker room, rubber flip flops from the dollar store here.  We are talking about high quality, these could go with designer jeans kind of flip flops.

brown sandals

Sure, they cost more, but they will go with almost anything, and can last forever if you treat them right.

I recommend that you get brown colored classy flip flops.  Black is too basic and easy, and sometimes it tends to not look as good when faded, whereas faded brown still looks good.

Next up, have some colored summer shorts, that show a bit of thigh.


Don’t go lower than this on the knees


and don’t go much higher than this– unless you know what you’re doing stylistically

These are just as easy to put on as that saggy, comfortable pair of basketball shorts that you like to slip on, but they look a million times better.

Sure, you have to make sure that the colors match, and that you are not breaking any basic style rules, but hopefully you have this down already.

Get them somewhat form fitting, and you are all set, perhaps without even grabbing a belt, because who has the extra 17 seconds they take to put on?  Not us, and not today, we don’t.

And, if we are talking about summer weather, we want an easy, breathable, cotton shirt.

Yeah, if you have a polo lying around you can pop that on (and check out our blog on polo fashion), but in my experience polo shirts are a bit thicker and can be easily wrinkled when hanging in the closet.  And on a day where you just want to be dressed and done with and still look stylish, that means you cannot wear wrinkled clothes, and you cannot take the time to iron them out.

Getting a colored, form-fitting, v-neck undershirt will save your life here.


Not only can you wear them under your dress clothes as a way to absorb sweat, while also hiding if you unbutton your first button, but if they are form fitting and have a v-neck, then they just come across as classy.

You can literally see shirts like that going for 50 bucks in some places.  Don’t be a fool though.  Grab a multi-colored pack on Amazon where you get a few for 10 bucks, and nobody will know the difference.


What I like about this look is that a bracelet can literally take just one second to put on, and make you look pretty baller and like you put some thought into your wardrobe.  Which is true, because you read this blog.  Just not as much work in the morning as it might appear to be.

Good job, guys.

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