When To Wear Regular Length Socks, No Show Socks, and No Socks

For many guys around the world, they just grab socks and throw them on, not really taking anything else into account.

Although which socks to wear does not need to be a hard decision, it should not be one that is just glossed over.  That is, if you do not want to come across as average.  Or worse yet, sloppy.


Socks are not a fashion free-for-all

First, make sure it is not cold or wet outside.

We are going to assume it is not freezing outside, because if that is the case, then you should always grab thick, full length socks that will keep your feet warm and dry.

The next step flows right into the weather question.  Is it a hot summer day, like it is for me at the time of this writing?  If so, your footwear and clothing will need to be taken into account for your sock choice.


Skip the pants and go for shorts in the instance of a hot day.  And, when you’re wearing shorts, you should never wear dress shoes.  Opt for sandals, boat shoes, or breathable loafers.

If you are wearing sandals, no matter the style, do not wear socks.  This is Fashion 101 first day material here, but you might be surprised by people who think there are exceptions to this rule.  I have yet to find the fashionable sock and sandal wearing male.


Or your fashion sense automatically becomes lumped into this category.

For boat shoes and loafers, you should lean away from wearing regular length socks.

But, when it comes to no socks or low cut socks?  It is really your option.

Some people love wearing no socks because it keeps their feet cooler with some extra breathability.  This is fine, but recognize the negative repercussion from this choice: you will build up odor on your feet and in your shoes more quickly over time.


Loafers for when you’re loafing around

Low cut socks help avoid the odor issue by absorbing it a bit.  However, make sure that your low cut socks do not show.  This means make sure you are not wearing ankle socks or something of that nature, but socks that look like this:


Make sure your socks are entirely hidden for the proper effect

These will oftentimes be marketed as no-show socks.

It has become fashionable to now wear no-show socks even with suits, which would have been frowned upon in the past.  This may or may not be a fad that fades away.


When going for this look, it is generally advised to wear the low cut/no-show socks, instead of actually wearing no socks.  This is mostly because your dress shoes are oftentimes the most important part of your wardrobe, and not wearing socks will ruin them with your body’s natural oils and odors.

Not to mention the blisters you would get from these shoes not being made for sock-less wearing.

The no-sock look does not carry over into athleisure type looks either, so if you are wearing athletic shoes, you need full length socks.

The no sock look really makes for an interesting gap in the fashion spectrum: being acceptable with the super casual flip flop look, but also for the fashionably dressed, but not much in between.

As for the other lengths of socks?  Ankle socks really only fit with athletic wear these days; liner socks generally still show and ruin the no-show sock effect; and knee high socks?  Welp, you’ve got a whole other set of issues we won’t touch on right now.

Did we miss anything?  Are there any looks you want sock advice on?  Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

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