10 Hilarious Dad Life Hacks

Dads sometimes have unique ways of solving problems.  Of course, the mom might not approve of this solution at all.

We’ll leave you readers up to decide.

1) Solving the “coloring on the walls” problem

wall coloring

This takes the cake because it solves multiple problems.  Need a crib?  Check.  Want to make sure your kid is where you left them?  With a big enough box or small enough kid, you better believe that’s a check also.

2) Makeshift stroller

makeshift stroller

Is your kid too young to walk, and you can’t find/don’t have a stroller?  Just get out the dolly and place your kid at the appropriate angle.  Bingo.

3) Stop bickering siblingskid shield

Who knows what’s going on behind you when you are busy driving, all that you know is that somebody made a face at someone and somebody else started something.  Throw together some small cardboard flaps and put your problems out of sight and out of mind.

4) Time management

time management

Color in where the short hour hand goes and teach the youngins what each color means.  It’s no guarantee that they will actually do it, but it is a step in the right direction.

5) Have them clean up their messes

sweep game

“I know a fun game we can play.  Lets race and see who can use this fun play broom to sweep everything into the blue square as quickly as possible.  I’ll time you.  Ready… set… go!”

6) Finding your lost items

scavenger hunt

This also comes in the form of a fun game.  Missing some stuff (most likely from the kids or the wife)?  Turn it into a scavenger hunt.  Pro-tip: the prize?  5 second handicap to the blue square sweeping game is the reward.

7) Makeshift slide


Your kids keep hassling you to go to the park, but you want to stay inside and watch the game, and the wife wants you to keep an eye on them?  Cardboard + duct tape + stairs = problem solved.

8) Dating woes?


Turn dating woes into dating whoas, and skillfully scare away any would-be suitors.  This hack works best if you have an intimidating picture.  Or, on second thought, if the shirt works the date will never happen in the first place.

9) Bath time


We all know that tear free shampoo does not actually stop your kid from crying when they inevitably get it in their eyes.  Welp, now you can clean their dirty little scalps without worries.

10) Ponytail fiascos


Ever tried getting long hair ready in the morning from a squirmy kid?  With a vacuum you can get that ponytail looking so neat and clean that even mom will want to know your secret.


rockaby baby


For image and idea contributions, we thank: http://www.news.com.au www.Ranker.com and http://justsomething.co


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