The Best Temperatures To Shower At

Now, we here at The Loaded Vault are all about looking good, but there are so many peripheral things that go into that.  To truly look good you have to feel good and, really, have a good life all around.

This is why we start touching on subjects like first impressions, confidence, and job interviews.

And today?  Today we touch on something we do (or should be doing) everyday: showering.

You might think that showering is simply a mundane task (and it is) where you just wash the dirt and grime off.  But, physiologically there is actually quite a bit going on.

And, there are lots of benefits to both hot and cold showers, as can be seen:


1) First, start with a hot shower

The exact temperature will vary, but you want it about as hot as you can stand without burning yourself.

The heat does a couple things.  Primarily it brings all of your blood to the surface, but it also opens up your pores.  This allows you to get more of the gunk out when showering.

The blood flow helps ease aches and pains, while the steam helps remove any congestion.

Keep your shower hot until after you shampoo and soap yourself all off.

2) Then, plunge the temperature to as cold as your shower will take it

The benefits of cold showers and cold exposure are many.

When you do hot water first followed by cold water, this particular combination is fantastic because the hot water brought your blood to the surface, and the cold water sends it to your internal organs.  This back and forth helps your overall circulation, which is important for overall health.

In addition to this, cold showers have numerous benefits: burning fat, minimizing depression and anxiety, and boosting the immune system.

The scientific research isn’t clear as to what temperature and for how long you should expose yourself, but it does point in the positive direction.

Some people recommend going for 10+ minutes until you’re shivering, while others say 2-3 minutes is good (this is the length that I do personally), while others yet just rinse off.

I’ve found that by doing the hot water first, it also helps prep you better mentally.  During certain times of the year, especially if you have already been cold for awhile, it becomes extremely difficult to jump into an arctic shower on top of that.

And, on the other side, the water during summer does not typically get too cold.

So, make the best of your particular circumstances, but at least try it out.  It is an easy trick, and you will feel much better afterwards than you might think (though perhaps shrieking in a hysteria over the initial cold water blast).

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