7 Focal Points For Older Guys To Look And Feel Younger

We have all seen the classy older guy who seems to not age.  We have also watched horrified as most men fight their old age very poorly.  Here are some reasonable, immediately implementable tips to attain the fountain of youth.

First, we will start with looks, since we know that without even choosing to, people judge a book by its cover.

1) Your Eyes


Whether meeting an old friend or a new acquaintance, people instinctively look at the eyes first.  This means that if the jig is up at this point, it does not matter what else you do, you will be sunk.

Fashion for glasses is constantly changing.  So, unless you are totally up to date on fashion, if you wear glasses and can swing it, it is time to go for contacts.

Wrinkles are a dead giveaway of age too, and we do not want to recommend plastic surgery or anything like that.  Instead, opt for sunglasses (think aviator style).  This adds a certain level of intrigue and influences your psychology as well.

This does not mean always wear sunglasses.  This just means wear them for initial contact and allow people to take in the rest of your coolness.  It is much better to be judged overall than to have something silly like wrinkles or sunspots around the eyes get you prejudged and into a hole you cannot climb out of.

2) Your face


Most articles at this point would recommend sunblock and moisturizer, but this may not be necessary.  I personally am against putting a bunch of stuff on my face and getting some sort of facial regimen going.  That is just me though- if you are comfortable with that, those can help.

What I really want you thinking about though is your facial hair.  It will depend on your particular situation though for the best route to go.

If your skin is relatively unblemished and evenly toned, without wrinkles, and your body weight is under control, then you should go clean shaven.  A constantly smooth and clean shaven face reduces your age appearance significantly.

If you do not meet the above conditions, then a well-groomed beard should be your go-to move.  A moustache or goatee will still reveal your imperfections, and beards or clean shaven guys on average rank higher for attractiveness than do other styles.

It is doubly important for older guys to keep their facial hair in check though, because scraggly haired older guys will be double penalized.

3) Your Hair


The same goes for the hair on your head.  Stay away from scraggly.  Something closer cropped and difficult to mess up is ideal.  Check this article out for fashionable haircuts that are fitting in professional and personal settings.

If you are balding though, do not even bother to click and read that article.  Shave it all off.  Bald and strong is always better than balding.

As for the rest of your body, keep that in check too.  Our hair tends to keep growing as guys.  I don’t remember ear and nose hair ever being a thing before, but they are now.  Get rid of it.

As far as the rest of your body hair, I may get some resistance from some of you guys, but this is a tough pill you should really consider swallowing:

If you have hair on your back and shoulders, it needs to completely go.  Whether that means constantly shaving, getting waxed or lasered, it needs to go.

The rest of the hair on your body will depend on how long it is.  A #2 with an electric shaver has been deemed the perfect level of sexiness by many.  If your body naturally has thick hair and you are older, you are almost certainly longer than this.  A #2 is a quarter of an inch.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s quite short.  But it will not only make your body look better overall, it will help keep sweat and body odor from building up.

And as for your nether regions?  Shave the ol’ twig and berries.

This hair focal point is probably going to be the most difficult for all of you guys, and the part that is most likely to be skipped over on reading, but it is also going to provide way more bang for your buck than you anticipate.

And, for those of you guys that are thinking of coloring your hair, sure, do it if you want.  Coloring though is something you will have to constantly maintain, however.  Having gray roots with your fake color hair ranks up there with scraggly haircuts and body hair, if not worse.  It shows a lack of social understanding and follow through, neither of which are attractive qualities.

4) Your Body 


It is time to create a quality body, if you do not have one already.  Your body is how you navigate this life, and the first thing people have to judge about you.

If you have a bad body, your life quality goes does, people’s impressions of you can only go down, and you will not have the energy to accomplish your goals that your goals deserve to have.

That may have sounded harsh, but nobody said any of this would be easy.

That being said, it is not as difficult as you think.  It is mostly a matter of starting the habit.

It does not really matter what your routine is, just make sure that you are lifting heavy (and safely), and that you do something to get your heart rate up.

Really, if you are efficient, this can be as little as 30 minutes of exercise 3-4 times per week.  That is 2 hours or less, if you do it right.

And, eating healthy goes hand in hand with the gym.  If you put crap input into your body, expect to get crap output.

One cheat day per week will be your friend.  Schedule this religiously and eat a bunch of crap.  It sounds counterintuitive, but it will help you keep healthy the rest of the week and still have fun.

The rest of the week though, avoid carbs (bread, dairy, desserts) and stick with whole foods whenever possible (slices of meat, full veggies, etc).

5) Your Mind


If everything else already mentioned is in check, this will be easier.

Living your life energetically is easier when you are healthy and look good naked.

It will also make it easier for you to keep your mind sharp: listen to audiobooks, study something new, travel; you deserve it.

Also, your mind can stay young by being around younger crowds.  If you are into sports, consider joining a low competition recreational sports league.  Or get a work happy hour going.

6) Your Clothes


You do not need to be Mr Super Fashionable, but you should have an idea of what you are doing (if not, here are some looks that work virtually anywhere, anytime).

The most overlooked thing though is tailoring your clothes.  Get quality clothes and spend a couple extra bucks to make sure they fit you properly.  This alone will attract more positive attention.

7) Your Accessories


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