Unusual items to improve your beach trip

Nothing quite beats a beach trip when the weather is hot.  Or, for those of you who are not fortunate enough to live near the beach, perhaps just being there is reason enough.

The cool water, the bright sun, the warm sand between your toes… it all sounds so good, until you are in the thick of it, and wish you had been a bit more prepared.

We all know about the basics: towels, sandals, sunglasses, water to drink, and items for beach fun.  But what is missing from this standard checklist?

From one beach frequenter to you, here is The Loaded Vault’s short list for uncommon items that will make the beach a much better experience.

1) Baby powder or Talcum powder


This is a little known hack to remove wet sand.  For any beachgoer, after finishing up, you probably had a tough time with sand being stuck all over you, and getting into your car and everything else.  By applying baby powder to any wet or lotion-y area that has sand stuck to it, the moisture gets absorbed.  It is then easy to wipe off.  This also works for your hair, and your unmentionable areas.

2) A beach minded mesh carrying bag


Again, this is for minimizing the pain associated with sand and wetness.  Most people bring regular bags that inevitably end up with sand stuck to the outside.  It is also forever found on the inside where your towels and other items that touched the sand go when they fall off.

A mesh bag not only dries more easily, but it allows the items being carried on the inside to dry more easily, as well as disperse the sand that is likely still stuck on them.

3) A sand mat


Most people just lay down towels, but they just are not big enough, and do not weigh down very well.  Plus, once you get sand on top of them, they are done for.  A sand mat like this one on Amazon are not only large and tend to keep their shape and not get kicked up or blown around, but the material only allows sand to go through one way.  This means that sand that falls on top of it can go through to the bottom, but the sand beneath it cannot come back up.

Yes, it’s like magic.

4) Sand proof and water proof bluetooth speakers


These are great.  You can get music and entertainment without worrying about the beach ruining it.  Here is a Googled results page so that you can find one that suits your needs.  The price has come down and there are some very affordable and durable speakers on the market now even in the <$50 range.

5) Biodegradable sunscreen


The biodegradable part is important.  When you go in the water (or, heck, even wash your body in a shower or sink) the sunblock goes off into the water.  There has been lots of media coverage lately about the harm that ingredients in most sunblocks cause to the aquatic environment.

So, protect yourself, but also be sure to protect the beach, otherwise there will not be much to enjoy later on.

And, there you have it.  Our list of 5 uncommon beach items that will eliminate the hassle of the beach while still leaving the fun parts.

Stay safe and enjoy!

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