6 Fashionable Hairstyles and Variations to Rock 2017

Hairstyles, like fashion, are always changing.  Perhaps this means one day that the cool hairstyles of today will one day be the equivalent of a Van Damme nice mullet:


But, that’s for another story for your kids and grandkids to one day laugh at.  Right now, you’re interested in looking good, whether you are in the boardroom, or in your room bored.

We’ll cover some variations for all hair lengths, so hopefully you can find at least one relatable to your current situation.

1) Long hair: the Thor Mane


This is a more tricky haircut than you might think.  Of course, you need long hair to begin with (no hair extensions guys, please).

But, this is not to be confused with just lazily growing out your hair, getting it greasy, and looking like you work in a dark room doing IT.


First, you need to be in decent shape, with an angular face, and at least somewhat take care of your hair.  If you’re balding, you are better off staying away from this hairdo.  People need to look at you and think, “my god, look at that majestic mane.”

Straight hair can be a little bit tougher to work with, as it might fall flat.  You really need some volume to give a triangular shape to your head.  Wavy hair is ideal, and curly hair (so long as it’s not super afro type curls), works best.

Also, all of the hair cannot be the same length.  You don’t want to go mullet short on the front and sides, and stay away from anything approaching bangs, but you need to not look like Cathy from accounting either.

It’s somewhere in the gray area between this:


and this:


2) The Pompadour/Fading Pompadour



There is a lot you can do with a Pompadour look right now.  The only real requirements are that you need medium length hair to begin with.

What makes the Pompadour a Pompadour is the top of the haircut.  You need to be able to get your hair up and to have it stay up, while maintaining a mild curl where the hair falls back onto itself.

Some people will take a Pompadour length, and have the hair fall onto their face, but it’s very easy for that look to become unprofessional and more sad emo rockstar.

Which, hey, if that’s your life and there aren’t any bosses breathing down your neck stopping you, all the more power to you.

The hair starting at both of the parting areas is where the hair gets short.  You can go short like David Beckham’s haircut above, or do more of a fade like this:


And you’ll be fine.

This haircut works more for straight hair and wavy hair, and not with curly hair.

For super curly hair, if you really like the look, you can simply get it into that wave-like shape, like so:


Also, be careful of both having sideburns and the length of your hair on top, or you can very easily end up looking like a greaser from the 50s, or someone who just is a troublemaker or isn’t well educated in general:


3) Short and textured



Much like how spiked hair was the popular thing with short to mid length hair 10-20 years ago, the textured hair is taking over here.

You can do a fade or one length on the sides, with a bit longer on top.  This can work for straight, wavy, or curly hair (although curly can get a bit crazy here).

Generally speaking, this is an easy haircut to pull off, with little prep time in the morning.  You really just check to make sure that the overall flow is mostly in place.  You do not want one part of your hair on top laying flat, while the other parts stick one way, and other parts stick another.

It’s okay if they go multiple directions though, so long as the overall outline is kept decently tight and there is a general flow:


If you think about where you would part your hair, you can make the general flow come from both sides towards the middle.  Or, you can do from one parted side towards the other.

4) The all-time classics: Buzzed or Bald


Is your hair too out of control?  Are you starting to either get a bald spot or a noticeably receded hairline?

Buzzed cuts are the same all around, generally ask a barber for a 1 or 2, and just make sure they tidy up around the edges.

Buzz cuts are for those who still want a hair outline, but perhaps either want to skip the hair prep or maybe don’t care but still want to look good.

However, buzz cuts are a death sentence for any guy that is starting to go bald.  There is no hiding it whatsoever, and it will be on full display.  If this is the case for you, you definitely should go bald.

Balding isn’t a choice; bald is.

If you go bald though and you are white, then you need to do a couple things.  First, get at least some sun exposure.  You need a tan to avoid the pasty Nazi chemo connection.

Also, being fit is a must if you are a white and bald dude.  It is a bit racist to say that, but we live in a society that pre-judges people.  A fat and bald black dude, or a fat and bald Hispanic guy can ooze a powerful and leadership type quality.  A fat and bald white dude more easily makes people wonder if he has diabetes or a heart condition.

Don’t fight it, just make it work.

5) Add a beard to any look

Well-groomed beards with some length to them are definitely in and popular.  Having a beard definitely gives someone more of an alpha feel to their style. Plus, it complements any of the just mentioned hairstyles:



A well-groomed beard (key words: WELL GROOMED) is an asset all on its own.  Once you get some depth to your beard, you can shape it to make you look slightly more fit, or to create the angles on your head that are most flattering.

It’s lots of work, but can be worth it if done well.  If you cannot grow a full and even beard, and keep it from looking scraggly, stay away.  The well-groomed beard mostly looks good because it looks bad on so many people who only do it halfway.

6) Professionals, avoid: hard parts, bald fades, and braids

This isn’t the case for everyone, but for the vast majority of working professionals, you will likely not give as good a first impression if you do these hairstyle add-ons.

If you’re still in college or in your party or dating days and that is your top priority right now, then you can likely ignore the following advice, however.  Peacocking and being fashion forward can be advantageous for those kinds of social situations.

But, in the boardroom?  That is doubtful.

What is a hard part?


Where instead of how people used to part hair with a comb or with their fingers, essentially causing hair on one side of the part to go one way, and hair on the other side of the part to go another; a hard part is where a bald line is actually created.

A hard part has the hairstylist make the part with their electric razor all the way down to the skin.

Yes, this is popular among younger people, but you are not going to see many CEOs or executives with this look.  A good rule of thumb is to dress for the position that you want, but really it goes for looking how you want.  Dress, style, and look the part.

Buzz fades are not quite as bad, but they do either one of two things:  1) they can either make your boss or clients think that you care more about looking cool than your profession, or 2) that you are a military member.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a military look necessarily, but very few do it well.  You want people to look at you and think “professional” or “executive” and if they think “military” that is going to put a whole other set of thoughts and pictures in their head that will distract them from the business at hand.  You are better off doing either a buzz or full bald shave, if that is you.

And braids on a man?  Whether they are cornrows or an added feature, they’ve got to go.  Corn rows come with a slightly sloppy look, and a ghetto or childhood association.

And braids as an addition to your regular haircut? Again, that creates the impression that you care more about looking cool than being a professional.


Does your opinion of Bush in this hairstyle go up or down?  Exactly.

These are somewhat old-timey thoughts, and times are changing.  Silicon Valley is bringing all sorts of fashion disruption, and these rules likely won’t be the case a few years down the line.

But, as of right now?  Baby boomers and the like are in lots of leadership positions and they are the ones you want to impress.  Make it easy on yourself and do not have your hair be an obstacle to overcome.  Hair should be an enhancement, not a detriment.

Do you guys have any other hairstyles you think that look great both casually and professionally?  Are there any other hair controversies you would like us to approach?

Let us know.

And, of course, check out our men’s fashion accessory box subscription:

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