Why Do We Wear Watches On The Left Hand?

Lots of our everyday thoughts and actions are based on our environment and culture.  Why do we say certain colors go together?  Why are musical notes deemed to be the frequencies that they are?  And why do we wear our watches on our left hand?

Well, perhaps after reading this article, you no longer will.

There are two main reasons why watches are typically on the left wrist.  With watches going on the left hand, the main reason is for practicality.  At least for right handed folks.

By placing a watch on your non-dominant hand it is less likely to bang against things.  Your dominant hand is the one always reaching for things, and most people are right handed.


Also keep in mind that things like properly shaking hands is always done with the right hand (again, because the vast majority of people are right handed, and it does not work unless we all agree on one hand to shake with).

Your dominant wrist is not only more active, but it is more likely to vary in size.  Your dominant hand is more likely to have a more muscular and thick wrist.


Hopefully not to the same extent as this arm wrestler though.

And, all of that aside, when your right arm is the more active arm, it is likely to be easier for you to continue your activities and lift up your other arm to glance down at the time.

Although left-handed people reading this blog might be tempted to switch which wrist they put their watch, it will depend on your watch whether that is a good idea or not.

Look at the knobs you use to adjust your watch.  Which side are they on?  Many watches are made with the idea in mind that they will be put on a left wrist, and therefore it would be easier to adjust by putting the knob on the right.


But if you flip it to your right wrist now?  It could be very difficult to turn precisely with your hand at a weird angle.

So, should that stop you as a lefty?  Well, that depends on you.  Protecting your watch is likely more important than adjusting your watch.  You likely do not need to adjust your watch very often, and if you are anything like me, you probably typically adjust it before putting it on in the morning.

Besides, not too many people will pay attention to which side your knobs are on (unless you have them in the middle).  They are probably more likely to ask you about why your watch is on the right side than anything else.

Or, of course, you can bring back the pocket watch look.


The choice is yours.  But, in the meantime, check us out.  We include watches in our boxes sometimes, so you can try your own hand at breaking conventions.

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