You Need At Least 1 of These 3 Accessories Specifically for the Workplace

For lots of people, work is the time they most often get dressed up.  Sure, there might be the wedding or special occasion every once in awhile, but Monday through Friday is where the dressing up is most condensed.

And, since you are in a work environment, it is assumed that you would want to leave a good impression, because either 1) you want to get a promotion, or 2) you wouldn’t mind earning a raise.

But, how do you stand out?  This can be especially tough if there is a dress code and everybody is decently dressed and groomed.

Well, that is where these accessories come in.

1) The Classic Briefcase


A briefcase is starting to get a little bit old school these days, but the other accessories on this list still do not have the same effect.  Opening and closing a briefcase is a social signal that big work plans are about to be focused on.

If your line of work has frequent consultations, sales, negotiations, or meetings take place, then the briefcase close technique is perfect.

And, you can carry everything in there.  Laptop?  Check.  Papers?  Check.  Products, samples, miniature projectors, dry erase markers, small animals and unmarked hundred dollar bills?  Sure, you could probably fit them all, and still have room for leftovers from lunch.

If you go the briefcase route though, go the full briefcase route.  Do it in leather, make it tough and durable.  Don’t start getting into the hybrid laptop bags made of nylon.  You want to stand out and look like an executive, not like an intern.

2) A Laptop Carrying Case

laptop carrying case

Speaking of laptop bags, if you need a laptop for work, a nice one of these is mandatory.  Depending on what you do, this can also serve doubly as a place to carry extra files and whatnot.

With these, leather is the motto.  When you think of a millionaire carrying a bag, it is not torn or made of fabric, or made from anything that can stain.  And when you visualize it, it probably does not have a dozen pockets either.  Keep it clean and classy.

Your laptop bag is more for looking good going into and out of places.  It should not be a centerpiece of meetings like a briefcase can be.  You transport your laptop, and you look good.  You cannot look badass by opening or slamming it closed like with a briefcase.  Nobody ever looks badass zippering something really quickly.

3) A Messenger Bag


A messenger bag serves a similar purpose to the laptop bag.  It is for looking cool while in transport, but not intended to be a centerpiece.  The biggest difference is that a messenger bag is not good for laptops, but is much better at carrying everything else.

Are you more likely in your line of work to not have a laptop, but be involved with documents, books, perhaps product samples, or tablets?  Then the messenger bag should be your first choice.

And, guys, when choosing which of these work accessories to use, never bring more than 1 at a time.  A successful executive knows his stuff and is efficient.  Someone with multiple bags on them at all times seems like a lost traveler who does not know what they need and so they bring everything.

It is okay if you own all 3, just do not bring more than 1 in at a time.

What do you guys think?  Did we miss anything?  Let us know here or on Facebook.

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