Summer Is The Most Flexible Season For Men’s Fashion

Summer is a fantastic time of year for guys.  You really have some of the most flexible fashion options.

Not only can you still do lots of the most popular looks.  Keep your suit if you are a suit guy.  Keep your sporty look, your polo look, and whatever else you want to keep.


But, one of the most versatile fashion items?


It is okay to wear shorts, and that is awesome.


Unless you are talking about the baggy basketball shorts that hang down halfway to your shins, then you should not do that (see the difference here).

First off, your shoe options are wide open.  You can pretty much roll with any type of sandal.  Or you can go with boat shoes, since they never go well with pants.  And loafers?  Sure, usually.

Let your feet breathe.

And those crazy socks you have been stockpiling and getting occasional comments on?  Now they are on full and glorious display to the world.


Oh, and your shirt selection?  Polos, rolled sleeve dress shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, and more, are all at your disposal.

Although it is a bit more difficult to pull off a professional look with shorts, it is not impossible in a good khaki short, with a somewhat relaxed business environment that allows business casual.

I also find it easier to experiment with colors when you are working with shorts.  It gives you that relaxed feel and look that goes with more daring styles.


And with those more daring styles comes a lot more flexibility with your accessories, and with your stocking of multiple accessories.

I love the short sleeve look with a bracelet on one wrist, and a watch on another, with sunglasses either on my face or hanging from my slightly unbuttoned dress shirt’s collar area.

What about you guys?  What is the best part about summer and summer fashion for you all?

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