An Upgraded Father’s Day Gift

Father’s day is right around the corner.  Have you made any plans or gotten any gifts yet?


For many people it is not just about getting your dad a gift, but there might be both of your grandpas as well.  And, for our married readers, you would probably be wise to get something for your spouse’s father and grandfathers as well.

Heck, you might even have to worry about gifts for uncles, nephews, cousins, or friends; depending on your gift giving family and friend dynamic.


That’s a lot of people waiting on gifts

For such a simple holiday, it can easily get complicated, and costly.  The Washington Post reports that Father’s Day spending is well over $12 billion each year.

Although Father’s Day first started in 1909 at a local level, and was not nationally recognized until 1966, ties have really become the defacto gift for many people.

Well, we here at The Loaded Vault think it does not have to be that way.

(And, if you are curious, from a slightly more scientific perspective, about what makes a great gift, we wrote about that here for you)

Your dad deserves more than just the same old same old.  Times have changed.  Access to great gifts have changed.  A silk tie by itself can run $20-30, or crazy socks can run $15-20.

Little Girl Helping Father with His Tie

But, why?

You can get dad 4-5 great accessories these days.  In fact, that is what our subscription box is.

To really stand out, if you keep up the subscription, you will be the only person giving your dad or grandad a gift for Father’s Day after Father’s Day.

Of course, you can cancel anytime.  But, at such an affordable price, you would be surprised how great a reaction you can get when he gets more than his standard 1 item gift, but also gets more than his standard 1 Sunday per year gift.

Give something great this year.

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