Multiple New Looks To Go With Your Polo Shirt

Guys, we get it, you want to wear a polo, but can only come up with two looks.

There is the standard polo and khakis look we all know so well:


And maybe people get crazy every now and again and wear pants outside the brown spectrum:


And then there is the semi-preppy look of a polo shirt with khaki/khaki-esque shorts:


But, fear not, there are other options.  The polo shirt really just fits a nice gap in the shirt lineup and can be quite versatile.

A polo shirt is just less fancy than a collared dress shirt (and, side note, do not wear short sleeved dress shirts.  Wear long sleeved dress shirts and learn to roll your sleeves properly).  But, just fancier than a non-collared shirt; even a nice one.

For those completely new to the wide world of polo shirts, do not ever wear a tie with a polo shirt.  Traditionally a collar is meant to be pulled down over a tie or bowtie, but that is not the case with the polo.  It’s almost like a fashion signal to other well-dressed guys who normally wear suits that, “hey, this is my casual weekend look, but I still want you to kind of get the hint that I’m at least semi-fancy.”

But, that message can be lost if you relegate yourself to those few choices.

To mix up your polo shirt possibilities:

1) Wear it with a sport jacket and loafers


Or, if you are really bold, try that same combo but with shorts, and double-down with boldness by getting your colors going:


The idea with this look is to take the idea of a polo shirt being a little less fancy than your typical collared dress shirt, and apply that same thinking to a suit.

Loafers are a bit less fancy than typical dress shoes.  A sports coat is a little bit less fancy than a perfectly matched suit jacket.  So, with this look you get a lot of the psychological benefits of dressing well, while still wearing more comfortable items.

2) Polo shirt underneath a cardigan

This can work not just with cardigans, but with fashionable and thin sweaters in general:


It’s tougher to pull this look off with denim, but if you have nice jeans like the guy on the right, it can totally work.

This look is great for when the weather starts to cool down in the fall or winter months, but shows a little bit more thought behind it.  Where a regular shirt underneath could also work, this has the effect of kicking it up just a notch in fanciness by adding in the polo, even if only the collar is showing.

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Are there any other polo shirt looks that you like that we missed?  Did you guys ever think you would see pocket squares and polos in the same outfit?  Let us know!


2 thoughts on “Multiple New Looks To Go With Your Polo Shirt

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