How To Remove Wine Stains From Your Shirt

Although we will focus on wine here, because wine is delicious and dangerous, these same tactics can apply to coffee stains, pants, and all sorts of other stuff.

Rule #1 when it comes to stain removal is that the longer it sits, the more difficult it will be to remove.


So, lets say you are at a dinner party and someone bumps into you, spilling their red wine all over your fancy white dress shirt.  Even if you plan on getting it professionally dry cleaned tomorrow morning, by that time it might already be too late.


Although some other website recommendations require random ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and vinegar combinations, many of us are not Martha Stewart with homes stocked full of random chemicals.  Also, our recommendations will not include bleach (it works, but is damaging to the fabric, and only good for white clothing).

We wanted to have some recommendations that the average guy has sitting around, even if he lives in a bachelor pad.


1) Take off the shirt and put a towel underneath the stain, then dab at the stain from the other side.


If you rub the stain, it will help it set it.  You want absorbent cotton on each side so that it pulls the wine out.


2)Put salt on the wine stain for 5 minutes


Salt will help pull out more liquid.

If you have dish liquid and hydrogen peroxide, you can mix those together and use that either in combination with or in place of the salt.

3) Put the stained clothing over a bowl, pulled tightly, and pour boiling water onto the stain and into the bowl.


Pour the boiling water from about a foot or so above the clothing.  This will give it more power to push out the liquid.  But, be sure that the boiling water is not splashing out everywhere, or pulling your shirt into the bowl.

Use a counter weight to hold the shirt down, or tie it to the bowl with something, or get a friend to help if necessary.

If you have white vinegar, you can pour that onto the stain, and then rub in laundry detergent also, before doing the final step:

4) Put the item into the washing machine at the hottest setting


Be sure to check the label however.  Is this item going to be ruined by hot water, or needs to be dry cleaned?

If you are unclear whether your clothing will last in the wash under a hot cycle, take it to the dry cleaners ASAP if the stain is not yet fully removed.

Do you guys have any other tricks to remove stains?  There are further tips here.

Next time, just be sure that you don’t stain any your fancy The Loaded Vault gear to begin with, and it’ll be much easier.

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