How Often Should I Wash My Clothes?

There are multiple things to take into account when washing your clothes.  Most people think a good sniff test does the trick.  The more daring among us might even be so bold as to spray offending clothes with Febreeze, and still pop them back on.

Well, here is your definitive guide, and the answers are not as straight forward as you would expect.

First, you need to look at your life.  How often do you sweat?  How often do you get dirty?

Sweat and dead skin cells are the main things attracting bacteria to your clothes.  People tend to sweat around their arm pits, chest, feet, and *ahem* crevices, quite frequently.

Wash your undershirt daily.  This, of course, is assuming you are already wearing an undershirt.  If you are not, you should be.


This will protect your dress shirts and make it unnecessary to wash them after each wearing.  Otherwise, you really run the risk of cutting your more expensive clothing’s life very short.

Also wash socks and underwear daily.


As far as pants or outer shirts or sweaters and that kind of thing?  Well, the rule of thumb here is after every 7 wears then they need a washing.


But, again, lots of this can depend on your environment.  If you sit at a desk in an office with a steady temperature going all day, you might almost never have to wash them.

However, if you are a cowboy, or spill food or drinks on you, then ASAP is the best answer.

The same goes for ties and things of that nature.  Unless something is wrong with them (a spill or the like), leave them be.

For our female readers, if you are wearing tights, these are only clean for 1 wear.  They rub against your body and get all those skin cells, and do not have much depth to them.

Second, you need to keep in mind the colors of your clothes.

White colored clothes should be washed twice as frequently as other clothes.


Sweat stains are less forgiving on white.  Food and drink stains might never come out.

White just tends to gather microscopic particles that will slowly turn your clothing into a subtle brown-ish grey-ish color, and that is not what you want.  You got white so that you could have popping, blindingly white clothes.

Pajamas need to be washed after every 4 nights you sleep in them.


This means that you need roughly 2 pairs of pajamas per week, and might be even more frequently if you go to bed with sweat residue on your body.

Lots of people that shower at night assume that because they are going to bed in clothes with a clean body that they do not have to wash those clothes.  This is just not the case.  You are in bed and unconscious for multiple hours, you just do not know these kinds of things.

Actually, even if you were conscious, it is really tough to know when dead skin cells get picked up on your clothes and start attracting bacteria.  And it is also really tough to know when your body got a little bit warmer than usual during part of your sleep cycle, and you sweat just a tiny bit and it evaporated before you woke up.

Keep in mind though, the tests that these numbers are based on generalities, but the truth is that circumstances vary as do people.


What season is it?  What is the importance level of the occasion (highstakes negotiations should double down and wear fresh everything, whereas lounging for the day at home has a lot more leeway)?  How many layers are you wearing?

Although most of our items do not require washing, some boxes might.  Feel free to reach out to us via email or Facebook with any questions you guys might have.

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What do you all think?  Was this useful?  Do you have your own personal rules?  We would love to hear from you.



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