Germaphobes on the go: 3 accessories you need that you probably have not considered

Although there are some serious germaphobes out there, most of us prefer avoiding germs whenever we can.  We are all germaphobes to some degree.

Bottles of Purell or other hand sanitizers?  Yeah, we all know about that.  Many of us carry around cleaning wipes, too.  But wouldn’t it be nice to not get dirty and need to wipe everything down in the first place?

Today we are going to focus less on those basic cleaning items that we all know and love, and we are going to focus a little bit more with things that you can carry around that you may not have considered.

First, travel utensils.


Have you ever received utensils or a glass at a restaurant and it was not clean?  Of course you have.  And that is just the visible junk.  How often do you suppose that you receive silverware with invisible junk on it?

Quite often, most likely.  Carrying around a portable travel utensil set is practical not just for restaurants, but for lunches for work, or for fathers eating on the go with their little ones.

When you carry around your own utensils, you know they are clean.

Second, germaphobes should carry their own nice pen.


Not only is a fancy pen an accessory that will get you noticed (and we are thinking of including in our future subscription boxes), but they are functional in many ways.

Think of all the times you need to write something and are forced to use someone else’s pen.  After you eat at the restaurant that served you with dirty utensils, you now use your card to pay and are given a paper to sign with a pen that has been handled by who knows how many dirty hands.

No thank you.

Every time you use a “community pen” you might as well be licking the door handle you used to get into there.

Third, always carry handkerchiefs.


We have spoken a lot about the virtues of a handkerchief here.  A couple of handkerchiefs can be used in lieu of drying your hands with dirty linens at a friend’s house, or when paper towels are unavailable in the bathroom, or when there is nothing to open a door and you do not want to touch it.

Plus, you can clean spills, wipe off your sweat or things that get on your face, and much more.

Think of all the things that you touch that you do not want to.  Now, think of having an extra layer of protection between you and that dirty thing.  A handkerchief is that extra layer of protection.  It’s uses are virtually infinite.

Just make sure you store it somewhere clean in the meantime.

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Is there anything we missed?  What would you add to this list?  Inquiring minds on here and Facebook want to know.


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