3 Easy Home Accessories To Make Your Home Stand Out

We spend lots of time talking about men’s fashion accessories and how to make your style stand out (which we should, seeing as how we’re a men’s fashion accessory subscription service), but there are an ample amount of opportunities to stand out in other ways.

People spend about one third of our life at work where good impressions are important, but we also spend quite a lot of time at home.  So, we think it is fitting to get the most bang for your buck to not only make your home life better, but to make your visitors remember your place as well.

You do not want a disconnect between a professional and awesome work or personal outside life, only to invite someone into your home and have it look like a dump.

Your home is your inner sanctuary.  It gives people an impression of your inner mentality, since far fewer people get to see it.

These things are constantly changing, but in this day and age, these 3 home accessories will surely leave a good impression.

1) A Smart Home Assistant


These are relatively new to the market.  We’re talking Google Home and Amazon’s Echo and Alexa devices being the most popular.  With these devices, virtually anything that you could do from your phone, you can now do via voice command.

I personally use Google Home and it connects with Google Chromecast on my TV, so I can ask it to play a YouTube video or NetFlix movie or show with my voice.

You’d also be surprised how many questions come up in everyday conversation that would be great to have answered by some omniscient source.  If an Internet search can easily yield an answer, these devices can bring it to you.

What’s the weather going to be like?  What’s on your calendar?  What’s the name of that actor in that one movie?  What are local movie times?  What’s traffic like?

You just have to bust out a question like that in front of a guest, have your smart home assistant answer it, and you’ve just made a solid impression.

2) A Fancy Alcohol Holder


This can come in many forms.  It will also be different depending on the type of alcohol you typically carry.

Chances are, when you have people over, you will want to offer them a glass of something though.  If you have a nice alcohol holder or dispenser, this will not only attract attention once you ask, but might even prompt your guest to ask and give you the chance to be a great host.

A fully decked out bar or mini bar is ideal, but not everybody can spare the space or spare the cost.


So, the next best thing to that dream bar?  The alcohol holders and minibars shown above.  Wine racks are great and can be very creative.  Kegerators are great additions and can give an awesome vibe.  Hidden alcohol holders like the globe shown above, are sure to make a statement.

Follow this tip.  It’s the surest way to have people not only compliment your home and your generosity, but to have them wanting to keep coming back.

If you don’t drink much alcohol, or tend to have people over during the day, apply this same principle to your coffee/tea/etc area.

Want double points?  Ask your smart home assistant how to make a certain drink.

3) Serving Trays or Rolling Carts


When you have people over, you are certainly serving them something.  Want them to feel pampered and make an impression?  Don’t hand them the drink.  Bring the tray or the cart with everything on it.

When you do this, it gives them impression of them being served by a fancy pants butler, except without the cost of a butler.  For some reason, presenting them the food options without touching it is 1000x better than handing it to them like a caveman.

The trays or rolling carts are probably the least expensive option, but will probably leave the biggest impact.

Roll all 3 of these together?  Be prepared for your friends to turn into best friends, and bosses to turn into impressed pals.

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