All You Need To Know About Knitted Ties

Knitted ties have been a relatively recent popular men’s accessory.

The knitted tie fits a very interesting niche in the spectrum of dressing.

It’s not quite formal enough to go in super formal occasions, but you would not really wear it with something that could not potentially be worn with a regular tie.

I like to think of knitted ties as being a stylish boost to business casual.

It does not come off correctly with many traditional suits, unless the textures are comparable.  But, where it might be strange to wear a silk tie with jeans and a dress shirt, the knitted tie fits in their perfectly.

And you can wear them with other items, and not worry about them being ruined.  If you’re traveling, they won’t wrinkle.  If it’s raining and you’ve got a peacoat, it will not only go together well, but it won’t be as obvious if rain splatters on it.

It goes well with leather jackets.  It goes well for happy hour after work.  It goes better with a rolled up sleeve look than a regular tie.  And, best of all, if you need to wear a tie to work, this and crazy socks can be your little act of compliant rebellion.

You can stand out, be stylish, and technically be dressed up in a clean and professional way.  But still show a fun side.

Knitted ties can be a little bit tougher to tie due to their texture and thickness though.  Do not do any fancy knots.  And check your tie throughout the day making sure the knot is still holding.

Due to the texture and its relative newness, it is best to not try any crazy patterned knitted ties.  Or, if that is all you have available near you, it is best to get a very basic pattern.  Solid colors are best, and is the kind that we most recently sent to our customers.

Do you guys have any knitted ties?  Ladies, do you wish your man had one?  Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

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