How To Replace Your Watch Battery In Less Than 10 Minutes

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t always have time to replace my watch batteries.  Sometimes it ends up taking days, weeks, or even months before I set aside the time to find a local watch or jewelry store that can handle it.

If you’d rather someone else do it for you, it generally takes a business day or so for them to complete the work.  Prices vary depending on the watch, but $10-20 is fair if your watch does not need anything special done.

But, sometimes it’s just easier to knock it out yourself in a few minutes than to rearrange your week to pick up and drop off your watch.

To do it yourself, here’s what you will need:

  • Watch battery (if you buy them in bulk on Amazon you can get them for less than 10 cents each.  Otherwise, you’re looking at about a buck each at a retailer)
  • Tools (you can either get a precision screwdriver set and a hammer at your local Dollar Store, or you can grab one online.  Or, splurge $10 on a watch repair kit)
  • Toothpick
  • Terrycloth

First, you need a clean area and to clean your watch back with the terrycloth.  Even the smallest piece of dust could get stuck in the gears or could cause an issue.

Also, you will be dealing with small screws that you don’t want to lose.

Most watches have their backs snap off.  Some will have a little groove somewhere around the circle.  That groove will make it easier to pry off.  Or, if you got the watch repair kit, follow its instructions.

Some of my watches do not have a groove though.  Assuming you just have a precision screwdriver set, use one of the flat heads to wedge between the watch base and the watch.

Most watches are pretty difficult to snap off this way, but you also do not want to use too much force.

Be careful not to damage the glass on the opposite side.  To avoid this, do not simply turn your watch upside down and start hammering.  It is usually best to put it on its side, or have something hold it in place.

Gradually increase how much pressure you apply.  If you cannot pop the back off by hand (which you likely will not), use a hammer to gently hit it and cause a wedge.  Eventually this will pop the back off.

Most watch batteries are held down by a tiny screw.  Use your precision tool kit to remove any screws, being careful not to lose them.

Use the toothpick to remove the battery.  This is just extra protection to keep from transferring electricity to you (and getting shocked), or to another mechanical part of the watch that might be ruined.

The old battery should come out without much trouble.  When placing the new battery inside, make sure that you do not touch the battery.  This is to keep your body’s natural oils from getting onto it or inside the watches sensitive areas.

I recommend breaking the toothpick in half and using it like a small pair of chopsticks.  Or use a clean part of the terrycloth.

Check to make sure that your watch is functioning and that you installed the battery fully and properly.  If your watch has computer parts in it, you may have to go through a restart process.

Once your watch is working, reinsert the screw that held the battery in place.

If your watch had a groove on the back, make sure you put it back together facing that same way.  When looking at the back of the watch before snapping it in, it will be easy to tell if there is a certain way it should go.

If the back is identical, then it doesn’t matter.  If there are one or more grooves or indentations, then align those when snapping the back in.

The back can be tough to pop back in, just as it was to pop out.  Use carefully increasing pressure.

If any part of this guide does not fit with the way your watch is, then search YouTube and Google for your particular watch care instructional videos.

Be sure to reset the time on your watch, and you are done.

Now you guys will be ready when you receive your next watch in our subscription box.

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