Which Deodorant Should You Be Using?

It’s a question that most men don’t ask themselves too often.  Men just figure if they throw something on that kind of covers up their armpit smells, then they’re doing the world a favor, and that should be enough.

Well, that’s true to an extent.  But, the fact of the matter is, you can have the best fitting clothes, with the most awesome accessories, and if somebody catches even a hint of body odor, you’re sunk.

First, you need to know the difference between antiperspirant and pure deodorant. 


If you see the words antiperspirant anywhere on the product, that means that it has chemicals that literally stop your body from sweating.  If you’re a sweaty guy, this can be fantastic.  You don’t want to put it anywhere besides your armpits and maybe your chest, since sweat glands are there for a reason.

But, antiperspirants also has the distinct disadvantage of blocking pheromones.  Now, you probably don’t have any idea what your pheromones smell like, nor can most people consciously decipher this, but studies have shown that our brains are really in tuned with that kind of thing.  Pheromones in male sweat have been shown to influence female mood and sexuality and potentially a whole host of other things that are proven in animals and thought to just be subdued in humans.

To know whether antiperspirants are for you, you should consider both how much you sweat, and if you sweat a bunch (not only should you wear an undershirt to help absorb and protect against that) but ask an unbiased friend to be brutally honest about whether you have a bad smell noticeable now (or at any time in the past).  If you smell badly in the least, it doesn’t matter what the pheromones do, as our social programming and thoughts will overpower any benefit there.

If being sweaty or smelly are not problems for you, we strongly recommend you try a pure deodorant with no antiperspirant.  Some underarm products will say that they are antiperspirants, some will say they’re deodorants with antiperspirants, and those are the same thing.  If it just says deodorant, and there’s no sign of antiperspirant anywhere, then that is just a product that will add a nice smell without blocking your sweat or pheromones.


Second, take into account whether you wear cologne or not.

A good smelling cologne is always a good idea.  We won’t get into knowing whether your cologne is too strong or not here, this will simply be whether you wear cologne or not.  If you wear cologne, you do not want deodorant that is going to have a smell that conflicts with the cologne, otherwise you will likely get less desirable results.

If your cologne offers a deodorant that has the same smell, these are virtually always without antiperspirant values.  So, if you meet the criteria we spoke about above, then grab that deodorant that goes with your cologne, as it is identical or virtually identical in scent to your cologne.

If you determined from the rules we mentioned above that you need antiperspirant, but you still want to wear cologne, then you are still in luck.  Grab an unscented antiperspirant, and you are all set.  This essentially has all of the chemicals that will stop the sweat from forming, but without a smell that could mess up your cologne.

Do not try to mix and match your deodorant/antiperspirant smells to your cologne smells.  Any of the descriptions of the scents contained in the deodorants or colognes are almost entirely marketing speak that are not intended to be paired with anything.  And, even if you look at the ingredients list and it somehow got largely matched, the proportions and preparation of it will lead to vastly different smells.  Just don’t do it.  Either get the deodorant that is the same as the cologne, or get the unscented antiperspirant to go with your cologne.

We’ve been considering adding more colognes and things like that to our boxes.  Do you guys want to see that in the future?  Let us know here or on Facebook.  Thanks, guys!

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