Get Eyeglasses To Match And Enhance Your Style

Approximately half of the adult population in the US wears glasses for vision correction, but there tends to not be a lot of material about glasses.  Even on here, we talk about sunglasses (which kinda sorta can apply to reading glasses in many circumstances), but not what to do with reading glasses.  And, many people don’t wear their glasses because they don’t feel comfortable or confident wearing them.  Hopefully after reading the rest of this article, you’ll feel better about your style as it comes to eyeglasses.

1) First, get glasses that match your face

Here’s a great infographic done by Visionworks:


Determining the shape of your face is likely to be the most difficult part of this.  We tend to not be very objective when it comes to things like this, either believing that our faces are wider or thinner than they really are.  Try on a bunch of eyeglasses with this blog up on your cell phone, and see what you think is best.  Then, send a picture to a friend with a good sense of fashion and ask for feedback.

2) Match the style of the frames to your style

This is pretty straightforward, but don’t grab crazy flared and thick retro frames if you don’t have the rest of your wardrobe matching that.  Generally speaking, getting neutral frames with neutral coloring is the safest bet.  Keep in mind that eyeglasses really do make you appear more sophisticated.  But, if you don’t find yourself in a business or classy type environment, then keep that in mind.

What scenarios do you find yourself in most often?  People look at your eyes first, meaning this is the first accessory and first thing they will notice about you, so make sure the character of the eyeglasses conveys the meaning that you want it to.

3) 95% of all people should do metallic or neutral frames first

This means most of you should not be getting fancy and snagging red rimmed glasses, or anything like that, unless you are buying multiple frames.  And, the thing is, it’s not that the colors of your frames necessarily clash, as you tend to get more wiggle room with glasses as it’s seen as a necessity and not purely a fashion statement.  You could wear red framed glasses everyday with your suit, get some compliments, and probably be fine; but it limits your other accessory colors a bit.  The whole reason that having one popping color works is that it is unexpected and draws a viewers eyes to a spot or item that they wouldn’t normally see, but when it comes to eyeglasses they MUST look at your eyes and it loses that appeal.  And then, when you try to have another popping color, the red glasses plus the other colored accessory end up being too much, pulling attention to too many different ways. You also shouldn’t wear a bunch of red items in this hypothetical scenario to match your glasses.

Anyways, because of those reasons and more, thin and subdued metal gray frames are a safe bet regardless of the colors that you wear.  If you go this color route, the metal gray frames will be viewed much the same way a wedding ring is and seen as a necessity, and if you wore brown or gold or whatever else, it won’t be seen as super clashing.

Many people can pull off the black or brown or tan colored frames and not have to worry about breaking basic fashion rules, but it is a little bit more risky.

Is there anything we missed?  Although The Loaded Vault obviously doesn’t send prescription eyewear, this is a big question that pops up that we want you guys to be able to handle.  If you already have prescription eyeglasses and you’re not sure if they work properly, post a picture on our Facebook and we’ll give you some honest feedback.

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