5 Ways Men Can Instantly Appear More Attractive

You’re probably already a pretty good looking guy, but here are a few tips that take just a few seconds each that have been scientifically shown to increase how attractive females will perceive you.

1) Wear red

Yep, some things are just that simple.  Red triggers a mixture of things, from heart-racing danger, to sexuality.  Take advantage and add a dash of red to your wardrobe.  There have also been studies showing that when you take a date out on an exciting/adventurous/scary date, that the associated adrenaline rush of the activity pours over onto the person they’re with as well (for both males and females).  The same thing to a lesser degree is probably happening here, where the color triggers these emotions, and like Pavlov’s dog, the person associates it with the person too.

2) Grow out facial hair

Whether it’s a nice and even scruff or a full on beard (be careful and take care of it and don’t look unkempt and dirty if you do).  Heavy stubble got the highest ratings here, but in a separate study it showed that stubble was best for flings while beards were best for long term commitments.  In other studies it came down to how patchy the facial hair was (meaning, if you can’t grow out a nice, full, even beard or scruff, you’re better off going clean shaven).  The explanation is that facial hair helps show virility and development which is why it beats clean shaven, but if the hair is patchy that there may be some genetic flaws, and this faired worst of all.

3) Get a puppy

Does this mean ditch your dog once it gets older?  I have so many questions, Psychology Today!  But, for reals, taking your dog out is a positively social behavior, cute animals trigger positive body chemicals in us, and it’s just a big win all around.  And, sorry, we don’t give away puppies with any of our subscriptions.


4) Slower movements and speech

At least at the start.  People naturally are cautious when approached by someone new, or when dating someone and still feeling them out.  Moving and speaking more slowly, leaning back, these body language signs work well at the start.  As you progress, you can move to more eager nonverbal styles.

5) Do volunteer work

This one is interesting.  Being selfless and helpful was shown to increase the level of desire for men by women.  This doesn’t mean being a pushover, but there’s something to be said for the male who takes care of his community, as he is likely to take care of his lover too.

Did you find these interesting?  We grabbed some of the information from Independent.co.uk, Time, and Airow, in addition to the links already contained above.

Are there any secret tips or tricks you guys have?  Let us know here and on Facebook.

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