15 Different Ways To Tie Your Shoelaces

If you’re a long-time customer of ours, you’ve likely received a pair of designer shoelaces from us.  We rarely put them out, but we have a handful of times.  So, you’re already taking your shoelaces off and putting on some sweet new ones, so you might as well do it in style.

BuzzFeed snagged a golden Tumblr post about this very subject before the account seemingly got deleted, so we’ve got them to thank for one of the more comprehensive posts on the subject.

And, before you think that re-doing your shoelaces is something a child would do, it should be noted that the CIA did this to secretly send signals to agents in front of other people without anyone else being able to tell.  You, however, will likely have these noticed, as you have very cool looking laces, attached to well kept nice looking shoes, with eye-catching crazy socks.

1) The Ladder


The ladder gives the appearance of the shoelaces not being supported by anything, with the laces going up the side and attaching to each other, rather than connecting the shoes themselves.

2) The Zipper


The Zipper makes it look like you have a cross-hatched pattern going on, with a series of X’s.  The Zipper is a good fit to go with a professional shoe and stand out just enough.

3) The Double Back


The Double Back is interesting in that it’s got hidden complexities and makes it seem like there’s no bottom row going across, and has an overly complex top.

4) The Loop Back


The Loop Back seems cooler in theory than in practice.  I love the idea of the shoelaces never making it fully to the other side, and that it’s the tension in the middle keeping things together.  However, in practice, it looks to much like the standard way to tie a shoe, that it will likely only be noticed if there’s some sort of design or change in color in your shoelaces.

5) The Bushwalk


The Bushwalk comes across mildly clean, but you can’t really pull your shoes as tight, and in my opinion the knot on the side of the shoe is noticeable but effeminate, so it may not go with your style (especially in a professional setting).

6) The Sawtooth


The Sawtooth has some cool complexities and isn’t too tough to do.  It’s subtle and gives a good grip overall, but has the possible downside of blending in and being very similar to the standard tie.

7) The Footbag


The footbag almost makes a standard shoe seem like a laceless shoe until you get to the top.  When wearing it, it fits a little loose towards the toe, and tight towards the top.  You might get a double-take or two on your shoe with this one.

8) The Display


The Display is called that because it’s exactly how your shoes looked when they were on display.  This is also known as the standard way to tie shoes, or the standard tie.

9) The Hash


The Hash almost makes your shoe look like it came with a non-standard shoelace hole spacing.  I really like the way that this one makes a shoe look, whether professional or casual.  I wouldn’t recommend this style if you need a tight fit, however.

10) The Twistie


The Twistie is just the Loop Back on crack.  Likely to not get noticed, and also likely to not hold your shoe tight.  You need either a shoelace that changes colors halfway through, or to do this with two different colored shoelaces to make this worth it.

11) The Hidden Knot


The Hidden Knot is one of my favorites.  It may not go with every professional shoe necessarily, but the cleanness of the straight lines, and the hiding of the messy knot, really make this both stand out and look awesome.  It’s kind of got a throwback skater shoe feel though, which makes me hesitate to recommend it.  It’s also not likely to keep your shoes very tight.

12) The Riding Bow


The Riding Bow is a tricky way to make your knot shoe up in the middle rather than at the top.  I personally don’t recommend it, as it comes across kind of funky and womanly as well.  But, misplaced knots are more likely to attract attention too.

13) The Checkerboard


The Checkerboard is done best with flat laces, and you’ll probably either need extra long ones, or to be tricky and use two.  It’s interesting for casual looks, but not recommended for the office.  If you want to tie your shoes like a skater, this is another way to do so.

14) The Lattice


Although the picture shows the Lattice being used with flat laces, this works well with rounded laces as well.  I personally think that it gives a very unique and artistic feel.  I’d need to see the professional shoe that it is going on before I could recommend it for that route, but otherwise it does look really cool.

15) The Bi-Color


This setup recommends two laces, but it’s really not using up enough space to make it work properly without having lots of extra lace dangling somewhere in your shoes, thus making it more about just showing alternating lines of color than actual fit or comfort.

Didn’t get enough?  Here is another barrage of other ways to do your shoelaces.

Do you guys want more shoelaces in your subscriptions?  Let us know what your favorite ones are in the comments.

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