Wear This 1 Accessory For The Most Comments On Your Style

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a professional or a casual environment, style matters.  What you’re wearing is the first impression that is made, and instantly triggers the other person’s brain to start thinking certain things and making certain associations with you.  Whatever that first impression is will then spread to color all future interpretations of everything you say and everything that you do.  Not only that, but the environment that you are in plays a huge role as well.  If you wear a suit in a boardroom you’ll get one reaction, and if you wear a suit on the beach you will get another.

So, with that said, how can I claim that one clothing item above all others, regardless of environment, will get you the most positive responses?  Well, not just through personal experience, but also through actual studies that were done.  And the item is?

Crazy socks.

Having a variety of crazy socks is best, especially if you have a drawer full of them to pull on.  Although crazy socks are one of the few items that fit any look, you can generally tell by their color combinations whether they’d go best with black or brown shoes, or if they have a highlighted color that would be awesome to match something else (say, a dash of red, and a red banded watch strap that you also have on).

Of all the varied accessories I’ve tried on over the years, in varying quantities and myriad types of items, socks usually get the go ahead nod from more people than any other.  What’s great about crazy socks is that when you’re standing up, people cannot tell what you are wearing for socks, and if you’re at the bosses desk, they cannot see through the desk to what’s on your feet.  I’ve had more people ask me to lift my pant leg to see what I’m wearing on my feet today than anything else, and that’s even in a professional scenario.  I almost always get a comment when I take off my shoes at the airport security lines.  I also will wear them to the gym sometimes with my athletic shoes (although not if I’m running, as crazy socks tend to be thin and not stand up to lots of friction).

So, step away from the boring world of unicolor and argyle patterned socks, and start accumulating your collection.  I guarantee you’ll want more.

We provide socks in many of our monthly boxes, if you’re looking to add to your collection.

Is there another accessory that has done good by you?  Leave a comment, or shout out to us on Facebook.

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