This 30 Second Habit Turns A Casual Look Into Stylish

Sometimes guys just need to throw something on and get out of the house.  After a long week at work, or with a laundry list of errands, sometimes getting a quick start to your day is at the top of your mind, and not the look that you’re presenting to the world.  This gets tricky though, as many guys end up slowly falling back onto this habit and the world never learns what they look like outside of jeans or sandals.

Well, if you want to keep your jeans/sweats/tshirt look and still look good, you can.  2 nice accessory additions can be the difference between giving off the impression that you’re a lazy dresser and a stylish one.


If you stripped away the fact the guy in the picture above is Chris Hemsworth, and you eliminated the accessories, this is just a dude in jeans and a basic plain white t-shirt.  Sure, fitting clothing and a decent haircut all help, but that’s just a matter of buying the correct clothing, and taking a few seconds to wet your hair and quickly rub some gel in.

But, with that aside, it’s really the watch that’s the first and biggest step towards turn this scrubby look into a fashionable one.  Use a leather or metal banded watch, and you’ll be fine.  If you have an off-color band made from these materials, that can be even better.  Just please stay away from plastic watch bands, or you’ll instantly come across as a childish dresser.


Next, throw on sunglasses.  This works well even if you normally wear shorts.  If it’s nighttime or cloudy weather, or some other scenario where it might be strange to wear sunglasses, then hang the sunglasses from your collar.

When guys wear their lazy Sunday look with sunglasses though, they tend to wear baseball hats, and that’s a fine line you’re dancing on.  Unless the rest of your outfit gives off the appearance of having some sort of fashion sense like the guy in the first picture above, then you should really stay away from it.  Sunglasses + baseball hate = guy trying to hide his shame because he knows he’s dressed poorly, yet is out in public for some reason.

Feel free to sprinkle on bracelets or crazy socks, if it feels right.  But, don’t have too many eyecatching pieces.  When people look to your sweet glasses or watch first, that becomes the anchor that the rest of your outfit is judged by.  So, when you have those as a high anchor, then even your plain white t shirt is assumed to be a $50 Calvin Klein shirt, and not the $2 Hanes 10-pack that you actually bought it from.

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