5 Lifesaving Functional Style Tips For New Fathers

You bring home your little bundle of joy.  Teary eyed, you embrace the new little addition.  You’ve probably yet to fully appreciate the sacrifice you’ve just committed to, however.  Sleep?  Yeah, right.  Clothes without throw up landing on it?  Ha!  You’ve heard about dad bods being the new thing, and you pretend like that’s by choice.  That’s because children have run these once prime men down into the ground.

But, that’s only because they didn’t have a game plan going into everything.  Spend a minute on prevention with our stylish and functional tips, and you won’t be playing catch up and reacting constantly to the demands of your newborn baby.  There’s no reason why you can’t still look good, even when the world is crumbling around you in your sleep deprived state.

1) No light colored clothes


You’re going to get baby vomit on you.  It’s a fact of life.

2) Get a cool looking diaper bag that can also carry other work stuff


Nothing screams boring like a diaper bag that was obviously designed to appeal to a mom and baby sense of style

3) Slip on/no tie dress shoes that you can also move in


Because your baby is going to be up and running, literally, sooner than you think and you don’t have time for silly things like shoe tying.  Shoes emphasize your outfit, so get something classy, yet flexible and with good grip.

4) Systematize your closet


If you haven’t already, you need a system for your closet and wardrobe.  Sort by cleanliness and not color with clean clothes being added on the left and you pulling from the right; and know which pants and shoes go with a specific shirt.  Have your accessories in one area, and match them to your shoes.  You don’t have the time or energy to think, so take that out of the picture.

5) Get handkerchiefs 


You’re going to be cleaning and wiping lots of stuff, so you might as well follow our previous advice and get a set of handkerchiefs.  Don’t get satin and shiny ones.  Don’t get decorative ones.  Get heavy duty toss in the wash and reuse ones.  You’ll look gentlemanly, and also prepared.  Your wife will love you when you wipe her stress tears off her eyes, too.  Just make sure there’s no baby spit up before you put it on her face.


Did we miss anything?  If you ever have questions about which accessories of ours go with what, so that you can get your own new daddy system going, reach out.

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