Your First Suit Should Be A Solid Navy Blue– Not Black Or Anything Else

I remember when I first got a suit and wasn’t too stylishly inclined.  Black was the safe bet.  Managers and executives throughout my high school and college jobs all seemed to wear it, though none of them seemed stylishly inclined, it seemed like the standard.

Black shoes, black belt, any watch except brown, and a black suit.  That was the standard “look.”

Well, I’m here to make the case for a navy suit.  Over time, I’ve fallen more and more in love with my navy colored suit compared to any other color.

First of all, the black suit recommendation only truly fits if you’re a white dude.  If you’re black, brown, tanned, or anything between, your skin color might clash too much with it.  (Remember from our other blog, to be dressing for your body type, hair and skin colors to maximize your dapperness).

I’m going to stray from being politically correct for a second here when I say that black dudes should think twice before getting a black suit; white dudes should think twice before getting a white suit; and brown and tanned dudes should think twice before getting a brown suit.

But, blue?  Unless you’re choking on something and can’t breathe, you never have to worry about that clashing.

Navy suits go with both black shoes and belts, and brown shoes and belts:


You can throw the blue jacket on over different colored pants:


Or you can even throw the navy jacket on over khakis or similar pants:


Getting your first suit is the most expensive style investment most guys will make, and if you’re just out of college or just trying to make a good impression in general, it might be the only suit that you have for awhile.  It’s much easier to get accessories and change that suit into a million looks.  Shoes are usually the next big investment, and this goes with anything you currently have, and when you expand, you don’t have to worry about a new color not going with it.

Yeah, we hear everywhere that black goes with everything, but that’s not really true.  If you’re trying to look like your on-point, then a navy blue suit will get you much further.  I think because the “black goes with anything” mantra has been repeated so much, that it no longer stands out anymore and has lost its affect; but the truth is that most styles fit either black or brown (and only both of those if you really know what you’re doing), and navy fits both.

So, if you don’t have a navy suit, or you’re thinking of upgrading soon, I strongly urge you go this direction.

But, if this is your first suit, or if you don’t have a suit wardrobe built up, or if you don’t really know how to handle details then NO PATTERNS!  Once you start getting into pinstripes or anything that strays from a solid navy blue suit, you’re actually limiting which accessories, shirts, and styles will or will not go with it.


Good luck, sirs!


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