Homeless inspired fashion? Ignorant, satirical, or really trying to be a thing?

Last week at New York Men’s Fashion Week, where it didn’t seem like anyone was even trying to be fashionable so much as getting noticed, a Japanese designer for the brand N. Hoolywood (no, that is not a typo on the brand, they intentionally made it stupid like that) unveiled a new men’s fashion line.  He stated that this line was inspired by his travel’s through America.

And, before you say it Zoolander-fans, no, this was not a Mugatu-inspired, “Le Derelicte” campaign.


Hollywood Reporter (no, not Hoolywood this time) has an article that reported the designer Daisuke Obana was actually inspired by the gutter punk subculture and how inventive they were using plastic bags as both bags to carry stuff and to weather-proof their shoes.

…riiiigghhhtt.  And is that also why he instructed his models reportedly to, “wear dazed expressions that made some look as though they had forgotten to take their meds.”


That being said, the most offensive part of this line of street wear is the price tag: pieces range from $55-500.  Nice.

I know nothing of this guy, but I’m going to assume he’s using the public relations tactic of PT Barnum when he was quoted as saying, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.”  That’s probably an apt quote, as PT Barnum the circus owner, became famous for buying a blind slave and touting her as the 161 year old former nurse of George Washington. Oh, and he’s credited with saying, “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

But, what can you say:  Here we are talking about N Hoolywood and even doing a blog post on how ridiculous they are.  So, who really wins?  And, at the very least, Twitter is being both critical and hilarious about things, so there’s that at least.

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