No, Charles Barkley isn’t a cross-dresser, but Russell Westbrook still hates on him

So, for those of you unaware, Russell Westbrook plays for the NBA and considers himself very fashionable.  I’ll leave that up for discussion, so for now I’ll just say that his fashion choices are very, uhh… bold?


It is the “bold” who drive fashion forward, however.  As he does get plenty of compliments on top of the plenty of eyebrow raises.  The funny thing though is that retired hall-of-famer Charles Barkley seemed to think it was appropriate to call Westbrook out on his looks.  Barkley must’ve thought he was somewhat fashionable back in the 90’s during most of his peak years though, to even attempt such a tear down.

So, to attempt to humiliate Barkley for his fashion faux pas, this picture surfaced:barkleyfashion-jpg

My initial thought was that this poor man lost a bet.  I mean, I was around during the 90s, and it was weird, but… what the hell?

Kudos for rocking the no sock look before it started catching momentum 20 years later, but you didn’t really take that into account when wearing the short shorts and carrying that tiny man-purse, did you Mr Barkley?

And the jumper looking outfit that any man would avoid, regardless of the decade?

richard-simmons-in-the-swimWell, any man except for Richard Simmons, that is.  And I think Simmons was really trying to be strange in this near perfect who-wore-it-best scenario.

What do you think?  Does Barkley win, or Westbrook?  Or do they both suck?  Or are they both fantastic.  We’re curious, so let us know!

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