International website confirms what 12 looks women find most attractive

The popular Spanish website, Cultura Colectiva released their list for the top 12 male styles that drive women wild.  And, since Latin lovers are known the world round, it definitely caught our attention.  Today we will celebrate not only their world-leading fashion, but all of the pictures will feature Latino models and/or Latin fashion showing off the 12 looks as well.  Enjoy:

12) Excellent footwear

We spoke about it in the past– shoes are important.  Get a good pair, spend the money, and then make the effort to make them last forever.  The ladies will thank you for it.


11) The no-sock look

Sometimes what stands out just as much as crazy socks is a complete lack of socks (or at least ones that are so short that they don’t show in your excellent shoes).f8047da696cdca38568274d037fb13d5

10) Button-up shirts by themselves

Even with casual looks, sometimes nothing beats a good button-up shirt.  A night out, without a jacket, without a tie, and just a nice and untucked dress shirt still exudes a flavorful style.


9) White shirts with jeans

Some things are universal and time-less.  You could jump in a time machine 50 years ago and still find good looking celebrity dudes rocking this look.


8) V-Neck sweaters over your other clothing

I literally tried this earlier today with a non-vneck sweater with a zipper, and it just didn’t look right, so I had to change all of my fashion plans for the day last minute.


7) Dress shirts with skinny ties

Skinny ties are still super fashionable, so make sure that you have at least one in your wardrobe.  Just make sure that if you’re using a tiebar that it’s meant for skinny ties, unlike Mario Lopez here:


6) Rolled up sleeves with a buttoned up shirt

And, no, we don’t mean like a chollo with the top button done and all of the others undone.  The look can be done with or without ties, etc.


5) A tailored suit

We’ve said it time and time again: tailored clothes matter, and none more than a suit.  This one thing can change your life.  Even Ricky Martin who has come out as gay still gets the ladies chasing after him for some reason, and we bet it’s due to looks like this.


4) Clean and groom yourself.

Do you smell?  Do you not look like you shave or trim your facial hair?  Or how about your actual hairstyle?  Look like your look is on purpose.  If it’s not, then get it together.  A guy who takes care of himself catches ladies’ attention.


3) Have interesting and elegant accessories

Well, damn, we at The Loaded Vault would’ve never seen this coming.  You don’t have to be Johnny Depp 40 bracelets kind of a guy either.  Got a watch?  Sunglasses?  The occasional bracelets, tie bar, crazy socks?  Good, then you’re on point.


2) During cold weather, wear hats that complement your style

Most Latin countries are in hot climates, so if you live in a usually mild or cold climate, you can likely bend this to other seasons and times of year like Mr Mars here.


1) Bermuda shorts and a nice shirts

This is a fairly popular look that Caribbean flair combined with American and European roots, that really took off in Latin America.


And, there you have it guys.  Not only can you look like a Latin gentleman, you can attract the lovely Latinas you’ve been eyeballing.

Do any of these looks seem strange to you?  Are we missing something?  What’s your favorite?  Let us know!

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