18 reasons why 1980s fashion was way worse than you thought

People tend to reflect upon the 1980s as this cute little time, and maybe get dressed up for the rare 1980s themed party, giggle, and call it a night.  Well, that’s willful ignorance.  Check out these 18 reality checks for what it was really like to live during this time period:

1) Finish line highlights and parrot accessories


2) Denim and wearing opened jackets with no shirt underneath were not only acceptable, they were cool and sexy:


3) No, seriously, splatter marked pants were a thing:


4) And your family’s yearly holiday photo sessions had to match:


5) This is one outfit, not an inverse color scheme…


6) But that didn’t mean you wouldn’t coordinate with your buddies before your aerobics class:


7) Crazy socks weren’t hidden beneath your pants like they are today… they went ONTO your pants… and sometimes covered your shoes too:


8) And, if your workout gear didn’t have pants and had shorts instead… well, lets just say that they were aptly named “short”s


9) In the boardroom or at the club, patterns purposefully clashed, because, y’know?


10) Getting clothes that were high-waisted and triple XL sized 5 sizes too big was probably a self-fulfilling prophecy for Americans to become super sized in the future:


11) No, no.  These weren’t the nerdy kids.  These were just kids… Poor kids… never stood a chance:


12) All you had to do was look at the celebrities’ hair and fashion to see what inspired the rest of the madness:


13) If you were growing up during this time, really stop and analyze what’s going on here:


14) Oh, and mullets were a thing.  Like, we can’t emphasize enough here, a super cool thing:


15) How does a keytar even work?  And, why was it ever invented?


16) Look at their cartoon-ish fashion even


17) Not only did siblings dress alike, but so did couples:


18) But some things never go out of style, I guess:


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