List: 9 totally useful fashion hacks hiding in plain sight- how many did YOU know?

When we think of fashion we tend to think about the looks rather than the function, which is why when designers put in totally awesome functionality boosts into our everyday clothing, they tend to go unnoticed.

Well, today that ends.

Check out this list of 9 totally useful fashion hacks hiding in plain sight:

1) Pocket watch pocket in pants, that are also great for cash, business cards, chapstick, and other little things too.


2) Buttons inside dress pants aren’t just spares, those are for suspenders and give a much cleaner look than the suspenders that use clamps:


3) V-Necks for open collar shirts- keep your dress shirt dry by having an under layer, but without the crunched up tshirt collar for when you unbutton the top botton.


4) Jacket tags built to be hung (look above the blue in the image below… that’s meant for when you don’t have hangers around but want to hang up your coat out of the way.  Think: bathroom stalls, coat racks, places where you have to sit but don’t want your jacket wrinkled by hanging it on the chair you’re sitting on, etc)


5) Belts can wrap around your waist both ways (left to right OR right to left.  It can help keep your belts from getting too deformed by switching them up.  Keep in mind whether there’s writing or a logo that doesn’t work one direction, though)


6) Collar stay openings (you can buy metal collar stays of various lengths that will change their effect on your collar, and if they’re metal not only are they sturdy, but you can buy little magnets to keep your collar exactly in the position that you want)


7) Most closed suit pockets can be opened (check for pocket lining beneath the sewn area or ask a tailor/seamstress)


8) Lapel pin holes (don’t just poke lapels through the fabric!  Most suit jackets have a buttonhole-like opening on the left side for lapels or other fancy accessories)


9) Underwear folds in front are meant for males to go to the bathroom through the zipper without undoing buttons, belts or suspenders (they double over each other so you don’t accidentally poke out, and it can be a hassle, but sometimes un-belting, or de-suspendering can be a hassle- especially if you decide to try out shirt garters)


Did we miss anything?  What other interesting functional things do our clothes and fashion accessories do that many people may not be aware of?  Let us know!

And, if you’re curious about our products and want to see their hidden awesomeness:

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