Top 10 Style Resolutions for the 2017 New Year

Happy New Year Remarkable Readers!  Here at The Loaded Vault, we’re kicking off the year with our top 10 resolutions of 2017.

  1. Wear the right shoes for the right occasion.

Basketball shoes are for basketball.  Tennis shoes are for tennis.  Sneakers are for…sneaking?  With some exceptions, try to match your shoes to the occasion.  Jeans with sneakers might be perfect for a casual hangout, but try switching them out for a nice pair of oxfords or monks for a night out in the town.

  1. Get new socks!

Let’s be honest…those socks you’re wearing would probably be better left behind in 2016.  Holes?  Discolored?  Stretched out?  It’s time for some new socks.

  1. Lose some weight (from your closet).

For those of you living in abundance, this might be the resolution for you.  Here at jdm, we believe that part of what makes up a “remarkable gentle” is refinement.  Perhaps try, what we call, “One in, Three Out”.  For every one new item you add to your wardrobe, try to toss out, donate, or pass on three similar items that you already own.  Start chipping away at your closet and shape your style!

  1. Keep only one lucky item.

Speaking of losing some weight, it’s time to make some decisions.  We know that your team won’t make it through the playoffs without you, but do you really need to keep a lucky jersey AND socks AND underwear?

  1. BULK UP (that closet).

Then there are those of you who are cycling the same two outfits day in and day out.  If this is by choice, we fully support and love the minimalist approach.  But some of you (and you know who you are) are simply afraid of shopping.  Luckily, we live in a time where clothes can be brought to your doorstep.  Imagine the joy of finding a tiny white box with an assortment of amazing accessories like watches, socks, and sunglasses (just to name a few) waiting for you once a month.  We can’t imagine anything better.

  1. Get (at least) one item tailored.

You might have the right idea…the right colors, the right patterns, the right accessories.  But if the thought of shelling out some of your hard earned money to get the right fit has stopped your from visiting a tailor, it’s all for not.  We suggest starting with one item.  Maybe hem a pair of jeans or slacks.  Or take the full plunge and tailor a whole suite.  We’re willing to bet that you’ll feel (and look) like a million bucks!

  1. Learn to tie a bow tie.

Simple…but not easy. (If you need some guidance, check out our website at for tips!)

  1. Clear out your wallet.

Do you really need to keep that many receipts in your wallet?  If you’re having trouble slimming down your wallet, consider switching to a money clip.

  1. Forget the tie. Remember the pocket square.

Of course, the tie is a symbol of class, sophistication and business.  But if you’re looking to leave your work behind you yet maintain your debonair, leave the tie behind and opt for a neatly folded pocket square.  Cool and classy.

  1. Break your style routine ONCE.

What’s a resolution list without some risk?  Experiment!  Try a new color.  Wear a shirt that actually requires cuff links.  Smile.  You might find that you’ve been missing out on a great look all along.

So what are your style resolutions?  Let us know in the comment section below and remember to stay remarkable!

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