2016 Fashion Accessory Trends So Bad We Loved Them

The upside to tons of people being glued to their cell phones these days, posting relentlessly to their SnapChat and Instagram feeds, is that trends catch on like wildfire.
Sharing content on social media is now socially acceptable.
When you used to chuckle at a cat video a friend posted, but dare not “like” it for fear of seeming like you didn’t have better things to do in recent years, 2016 has seen the birth of the IDGAF social sharing.
Mini memes in the tiniest sound bytes possible have been delivered in quantities that vastly overshadow anything we’ve ever seen before, and this is both good and bad.
We’re being exposed to every little thought a person has, whether good or bad, and the fashion world has seen it’s fair share of both.  In fact, some things were just soooo stupid, that any rational mind would never want to take part in them; in fact these fashion trends were so horrible, that we couldn’t help but trash them.
But, a curious thing happened: when we trashed the would-be fashion icon, the trashings got shared, made us giggle, and that in and of itself made that very horrible item popular.
Without further ado, we’ve compiled the top 4 fashion trends of 2016 that we loved to hate.
1) Steph Curry’s shoessteph-curry-shoe-aiom-photo-2

Oh man, were these a piece of garbage.  Unless you were a suburban dad looking for shoescurry-2-chef-shoes-reactions-memes to do chores in, chances are that the Steph Curry 2s were the laughing stock of your social feeds for quite some time.

Under Armour is one of the biggest and fastest growing sports wear companies, making it a huge influencer in the fashion world, and you would think that they would want to make a big splash and do something great.
Instead you get the “Aunt Camille is Going to Start Walking 5000 Steps a Day to Lower Her Blood Pressure 2s.”
steph-curry-sneakers-whrThe crazy thing is that you get Steph Curry, a ridiculous NBA star, to actually sign with a company that’s not Nike, Adidas, Reebok, or any of those big shoe names, and they decide to release this.
Apparently Quality Assurance testing or focus groups aren’t a thing with Under Armour.  These shoes didn’t just blow a 3-1 lead in the finals, they were the security guard’s sneakers of choice who fell asleep on the job and didn’t know the game even started.
2) Chewbacca Mom’s mask
You forgot about Chewbacca mom and her instantly viral video, didn’t you?
She’s probably the friendliest woman in the world, and totally embarrasses her kids.
But, lets be real, despite her heartwarming demeanor, her wookie antics would probably drive you crazy after more than 15 minutes, which is about the length of time her fame lasted.
We loved the video because she came across so genuinely.
For those of you waiting to see the new Star Wars movie Rogue One set for release December 16, 2016; probably the exact correct amount of time went by to actually buy one of these and wear them in line when going to the movies, and actually get a laugh.
Aside from Chewbacca Mom and a handful of equally crazy mothers, this never started a fashion trend though.  We laughed, it was funny to see and share, and we got sick of it just as quickly.  Google doesn’t lie: look at how the term Chewbacca trended right before and after her:chewbacca-google-trends If you got yourself this Chewbacca mask accessory too deep into 2017, you are probably more likely to anger a wookie and get your arms torn out of their sockets than to get a laugh.  So, jump on it with the new Star Wars movie is out while you can.
3) Hoverboards
Hoverboards are an example of something being so hated, and then being spread so much that it actually became popular.  Can you believe that in 2016 hoverboards are actually, like, a legit accessory?  It struck the fine balance of a hipster using it ironically, and it injured just enough people to go viral right before the 2015 holidays:hoverboard-fire-1024x535

…and it had just enough innocent black teens getting smacked
around by overzealous mall security guards to stir into the Black Lives Matter protests:hqdefault1

…and it had just enough cool tricks done on it where people even figured out how to flip on a hoverboard.
But, it became a ridiculous and ironic addition to American culture when people started mixing it with other ridiculous stuff.
We still firmly believe that the hoverboard only became a thing because back to the future promised us hoverboards in 2015, and we so desperately wanted that to be a thing, that we overlooked the fact that our 2016 real-life version of a hoverboard didn’t hover.
We guess that “Lazy Man’s Mini Segway” didn’t quite have the same ring to it.  Much the same way that Steph Curry’s 73-9 didn’t have a ring to it either.
Are we missing any viral accessories that you think should’ve made the cut?  Is there anything else that you’re currently hating on that you’d like us to shout out?  Should we include Chewbacca masks in our upcoming subscription boxes?  Let us know in the comments, or via social media.
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