Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Will Make You Jolly

So, it’s that time of year guys- where we don our gay apparel and fa-la-la-la laugh out loud seeing whose outfits can be the most ridiculous.  If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen some of the more ridiculous finds that we posted awhile back.
Ugly Christmas sweaters started out as a real thing that was embarrassing.  Grandma’s hand-knitting sweaters that were a combination of ancient 1940s style and the mixture of amateur knitting completed by hands with crippling arthritis.  But, you can’t turn down Nana’s thoughtful yet excruciating-joint-pain-ridden Christmas present, can you?  You’ve got to wear it at least once, when celebrating with her, right?  Well, that used to be how it went, until cell phone cameras became a thing, and social media picture posts showed the world that this was a universal thing.  So, then it became a point of pride as to how ridiculous the sweaters could get.  Now, if you only have a Nana-knitted sweater, your Ugly Christmas sweater game is weak.
We’re based down in San Diego, California, where it never gets cold enough to justify wearing a sweater.  And, yet, year after year, there are a flurry of Ugly Christmas sweater themed parties going on almost constantly.  Or, whatever Christmas parties and get-togethers happen now actually look for and applaud the craziest Christmas sweaters and Christmas gear these days, even if it’s at work.  Take a look at these awesome local folks at California Sock Company for instance.
Ugly Christmas sweaters were their own accessory in the past, but now there are build-a-bear type horrendous sweater places where you can add your own junk on top of the sweaters without remorse.  Some of them really seem to be missing only the kitchen sink.
Is there a sweater idea too ridiculous now?  Puking Reindeer? Cliched.
Sweaters that turn into a Christmas tree when you hold your hands up?  That’s barely even trying, these days.
Hanukkah sweaters so that your not-really-Jewish-but-still-says-he’s-Jewish friend feels more included? Oy vey.
The competition is fierce, and gets more intense each year.  But, after you’ve seen a train wreck, your bar is set high as to what will command your attention.  What’s the most intense ugly Christmas sweater you guys have seen?  Have you seen any that automatically put them onto the naughty list, like this couple to the right?  Share with us, we’d love to have a laugh with you.
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