Men’s fashion looks that fit any situation

If you wear a tuxedo at the grocery store, you’ll get weird looks.
If you wear beach attire to most board meetings (certain Silicon Valley firms excluded), you’ll get weird looks.
If you wear sandals during the winter time in Chicago, people will give you weird looks (and you’ll probably lose your toes to frostbite).
So, have you ever wondered what things will give you the most mileage in social situations?
We’ve got 2 for you, but they depend on your style and typical situation, and what kind of attention you want to attract.  You have to take account of what your daily situations look like the most, and then think of the impression you want to make most frequently.  We’re going to separate looks into those who want one-size fits all looks for 2 categories of men, depending on what your life is (or aims to be) centered around: business or athleisure (athletics/leisure).


1) The one-size fits all business look:

This is a low-key boardroom look, and often draws questions about what you do, which is exactly what a businessman wants to get out there, whether it’s a cocktail party, a networking breakfast, or a client visit.
I personally fall into the business style, and have carefully calculated the ideal outfit: black leather dress shoes that I can walk a lot in and can take 10k steps per day, crazy socks (because they’re one of three items that have no fashion rules), suit pants, dress collar shirt with the top button undone and a v-neck undershirt, black leather belt, matching suit top, and pocket square.
The colors of the suit and shirt don’t matter, just pull what you have out of your wardrobe and make sure they match, and feel free to go wild with the socks and/or pocket square.
For a person that finds themselves at lots of networking events, inside lots of offices, and also at higher end events, this look fits it all, and goes with almost any type of weather that you will come across.
It has enough layers to keep warm if it’s cold out, the undershirt keeps sweat from hot weather from getting too much into the dress shirt, and the jacket definitely hides any pit stains.
A tie or bow tie comes across just a little bit more business-like and uptight in social situations than an unbuttoned dress shirt, and the v-neck hides a cheaper looking shirt from popping out, making it look less layered than it really is, and therefore slightly more casual.
The crazy socks get pointed out all the time and gives a fun vibe, and the pocket square gets its fair share of comments too.


2) The one-size fits all athleisure:

Uni-color running shoes or boat shoes that aren’t black (off-color crazy shoelaces are okay), socks of a darker and matching color, khaki shorts that reach the upper-knee/lower-thigh area and aren’t too baggy, a fitted polo or fitted athletic shirt (wear fitted only if you have a body to show off, otherwise add a couple inches of space to the sleeves and stomach area), a v-neck undershirt, a business watch or a fitness tracker or smart watch with a classy look, a leather belt, and ideally a mostly fit body.
If you’re not mostly in shape, it’s not recommendedpolo-ralph-lauren-beige-classic-beige-bermuda-shorts-product-1-18410223-3-491373282-normal1
to go this route.  It also dances around a bro or golf pro look if you don’t follow this carefully, so watch out.
You get just enough of the opportunity to show off your muscles and vasculature from the fit clothing, but with enough nicer clothing to be accepted by most of the fancy crowd too.
You will be okay in many office environments, and the vast majority of social environments too, while not being lumped entirely in the meathead category.  The dual-layering should keep out the
sweat in hot weather, and a bit warmer during colder weather, but is not recommended for extremely cold weather.
And, there you have it, guys.  For people who want to dress simply, there’s no better way.  The less thought you put into choosing what to wear and why, the more energy you can put into your day-to-day things that actually matter.
Are there any other general types of style that you think can have a one-size-fits-all wardrobe?  And, fyi, we include many of these accessories and more in our shipments.  Let us know in the comments or on Facebook what you think.
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