3 items that have no fashion rules

“Have your belt match your shoes.”
“Tailor your clothes.”
“No whites after Labor Day.”
We hear fashion rules all the time (and even give some ourselves), and they start to become a bit of a hassle to keep track of.  Aren’t there any clothing items that beat all of the rules, and transcend everything?  For those that are lazy, or just want to be efficient, go wild with these items, as they can be worn without regard for the rules.
1) Crazy socksimg_1152

Crazy socks are almost popular because everybody has grown so sick of the rules. Old rules used to be to match your business socks with your pants, but that became too boring.  You only have so many types of pants to wear, and some ties are just too crazy to be out there flashing everyone all day.
That’s what makes crazy socks so great- your coolness is stealthy and only picked up on by the watchful. This stealthiness, paired with the fun-ness of it all, is what makes it work.
Nobody cares about mixing blacks and browns, or any other nonsense, because you’re mixing neon yellow exclamation points on a neon pink background with your tuxedo.
In fact, you’re likely to get kudos because you’re bucking the rules and letting your personality shine through in such a way that even the most conservative environments can appreciate (or not even notice).

A study showed that there’s a correlation between crazy socks and leadership, and we did a blog on that here.socks1

2) Wedding rings
Just because your life is over and you’re forever tied to your ball and chain doesn’t mean that your fashion options need to be limited by the wedding band that you choose.
Have a gold ring?  It’s okay, wear a silver watch and silver belt buckle.  Nobody will hassle you, 71658187_82393895because you’re signaling to everybody that you’ve already said vows to somebody who makes hassling you their full-time job.
Married guys, you get a free pass on this, because nobody wants to hear the raucous that would be caused if you took that ring off; and nobody wants to put you through taking out a 2nd mortgage on your house to be able to pay for your significant other’s 2nd ring (which you know they’ll want if you’re allowed to get 2 or more rings to coordinate your looks).


3) Tattoos

Tattoos are the ultimate accessory- they’re put straight onto your body and are there forever.  Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about making the colors of your tattoos match anything at all.
Don’t worry about finding the perfect match for that old prison system green sleeve tattoo you’ve got there, man.
However, although you do not have to worry about catching flak for tattoo coordination, that does not stop others from making fun of you for that unicorn tramp stamp either, so be smart before putting something on you that will be there forever.
And that’s it, that’s the exhaustive list of items you do not have to worry about with breaking any rules.  Close runner ups included pocket squares (formal only, preferably in suit jackets and not anything else), bracelets (don’t wear in super formal settings), and reading glasses (the shape should go with your head shape and personality).
Do you think we missed anything?  Do you want us to start shipping wedding rings and tattoos in our subscription boxes?  Do you disagree with our selections?  Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.
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