You Need At Least 1 of These 3 Accessories Specifically for the Workplace

For lots of people, work is the time they most often get dressed up.  Sure, there might be the wedding or special occasion every once in awhile, but Monday through Friday is where the dressing up is most condensed. And, since you are in a work environment, it is assumed that you would want to leave a good impression, because either 1) you want to get a promotion, or 2) you wouldn't mind earning a raise. But, how do you stand out? ((continued))

4 Ways To Portray Confidence In 5 Seconds When Meeting Someone

We all know that first impressions are important.  Heck, we've made lists of all the things that people judge subconsciously when they first see you. Those 9 things we mentioned in that previous blog were for a wide array of different emotions and stereotypes that people feed off of.  But, what if there is only one impression you want to make when you first meet someone?   If confidence is that thing, then you have come to the right place ((continued))